Now, voyager, sail thou forth, to seek and find.

Walt Whitman

New ways emerge
by walking them.

Friedrich Nietzsche

When the wind of change blows
Some build walls
and the others windmills

Chinese saying
I am an expert in innovation, digitization, and corporate culture and support companies of all sizes, leadership, and teams on their way to a solution-oriented, sustainable way of working.

Tailor-made services

I analyze existing competencies and problems, define goals, think in terms of solutions, and accompany change. If the project requires it, I can access my extensive network and construct teams that bring the desired success. > more

Design together

There is no ready-made solution that fits everyone. Not the one way to meaningful change. Sustainable solutions develop out of your organization. It is my job to ask the right questions and to find the correct answer. > more

Science meets the perspective of a consultant

I am a graduate industrial designer, as well as a work and organizational psychologist. I work with my dynamics, with psychologically well-founded specialist knowledge, and from my experience, I also understand the cost-driven business perspective. > more
Gone are the days when employers could sit back and relax.
They have to leave the comfort zone and face employees with their fears and desires at eye level. And now? Let's get to work!