Your goal in mind.
The future in view.


Sarah Janböcke
Who is that?

I support corporations as well as small and medium-sized companies to be able to work successfully, even in complex and uncertain times. To do this, I analyze existing competencies and problems, define goals, think in terms of solutions, and accompany change.

I am a graduate industrial designer and work and organizational psychologist (MA) with many years of experience in the fields of aviation, white goods, consumer electronics, and packaging. I advise companies on innovation, digitization, and corporate culture. Since 2009 I have been the managing director of the design consultancy SarahJanboeckeCreatives. My many years of diversified work experience gives me the necessary understanding to work in a structured and practical way.
Sarah Janböcke Sarah Janböcke

What drives me.

The who also includes the why. So why? Because the way out of a problem situation is never easy. Often there has been a gradual deterioration for years without change. In the worst case, companies can perish. Change always requires a strong intent. I want to support you in mastering the great challenge of change and in meeting future trends positively and actively.

I want to improve people's everyday lives because I want to ensure that "first work, then pleasure" no longer applies, that the "I have to" becomes a "I want to". I want to bring everyone together and develop holistic approaches that are based on knowledge and fit like a tailor-made suit because it's good to make a difference, to help shape your success and to create sustainable experiences. I want pleasurable work and commitment instead of burnout or boreout. Because work can very well create meaning and help to fulfillment. And because work that is fun finances emotional wellbeing.

We are stronger when we listen
and smarter when we share.

Her Majesty Rania Al Abdullah, Queen of Jordan