You have to try the impossible
to achieve the possible.

Hermann Hesse

What I do.

I support corporations as well as small and medium-sized companies to be able to work successfully, even in complex and uncertain times. To do this, I analyze existing competencies and problems, define goals, think in terms of solutions, and accompany change.

I help companies from blurred longings to find a clear, realistic plan - and put it into practice. For this, we, together, design your organization. Your individual goal is my guideline. I support you with all my professional backgound to find sensible solutions, set up necessary processes, and discover resources. Case-by-case advice is just as valuable as team processes or cross-organizational measures. The implementation of the developed solutions is part of the consulting process and, of course, dealing with possible resistance and fear.

The most important thing about communication is
to hear what hasn’t been said.

Peter Ferdinand Drucker

Why you need me.

Sluggish product development and inhibited processes lead to a long-term loss of competitiveness. However, real innovation cannot arise in a vacuum. The decisive impulse from outside is often missing. In this case, design thinking is a convincing approach to creative, interdisciplinary problem-solving. I support companies in organizing their innovation processes and thus increasing the level of innovation efficiently.

The worldwide economy complains of an acute shortage of skilled workers. Many corporations and companies are increasingly confronted with high fluctuation and long vacancy times. These aspects have severe consequences because a company can ultimately only be as good as its employees. When I advise on corporate culture, the focus is always on people. After all, not only employees but also managers are consumers of their own corporate culture. Its values and principles drive every action. It is important not to store them at the company entrance, but to bring them in harmony with the corporate vision. Looking at mutual consumption relationships, I help companies to find the best way to find a meaningful balance. A sustainable culture that knows precisely what it stands for and generates enthusiasm among all employees.
Dealing confidently with problem situations and changes can
create deep satisfaction. As work is supposed to be an enrichment,
I advise companies in the following areas:


Visions & Process Development

Corporate Culture

Mindset & Dialogues


Holistic management training & expansion of potential


Uncertainty & Obstacle Management


Motivation for change & transformation

Research Projects

New solutions for AI in work contexts

The how decides.

My understanding of consulting is practical, structured, and, above all, characterized by continuity. There is no ready-made method, not the one solution that suits everyone. And above all, solutions are not imposed from outside. Sustainable, sensible solutions can only come from inside your organization. To find them, you sometimes need a confident moderator to accompany you. Accompanying is a central aspect of my approach. Being on-site, talking to people, experiencing the corporate culture - I can't do without that. To work successfully, I have to experience you. My advice is not just a beautiful presentation. On the contrary, from getting to know each other until the successful transformation, I am there, available, and contact person.

Communication works for those
who work at it.

John Powell

Research Projects

Artificial Intelligence creates
a new work reality

Communication and digitization are already inextricably linked today. In my research, I, therefore, dedicate myself to new, future-oriented approaches to dealing with virtual work , its culture and processes, as well as sustainable technology design (HCI, MMS, and UX). It is thus of the most significant relevance to deal with the conflict areas of technical change and the effects of AI use in work contexts within research processes.

I support companies or universities across the entire range of a research project. As an interface between profound research and economic objectives, I accompany projects from the planning to the final phase - or, if desired, up to the business case. The process includes preparing applications to acquire research funds, as well as developing research designs with a high degree of application relevance. From my extensive network, I can call up the right contacts as required and put together agile work teams.

Results are concrete added value for companies. I use scientific research methods to make effects measurable, to represent them in numbers, and to give design recommendations that lead to economic success and higher employee satisfaction.